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Each one of us was born with unique, durable over life imprints, which cannot be changed making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity.​​

A family venture aiming to impact our dynamic daily routine with a phrase scripted in exquisite Arabic calligraphy. 

We believe that each human-being was born to make change, one or two, tiny or enormous, evil or good. 

​In our world your "Athar"is exclusive, profound and has encouraging positive effect on the our sphere.​

Imprint on someone with:

          Smile | Message |    Letter  |  Letter  |  Visit  |  Gift   |   Joke  |  Call  |  Flower  |  Memory  


 Drawing  |  Music   |  Laughter  |  Poetry  |  Glimpse  |  Tears  ....


Choose your Athar wisely.

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